Bridging to Harmony

  1. While there are several bridges to the Harmony blockchain, it is recommended to use the official bridge on:

  2. You can bridge on the official bridge from either BSC or ETH.

  3. Choose a token to bridge, input an amount, initiate the bridge transaction on the origin chain, and then wait for the confirmation.

  4. Once your tokens are bridged, the official bridge will provide you some ONE tokens to be used for gas on the harmony blockchain. If you plan to interact with the protocol you may want to buy a few dollars worth of ONE on so that you do not run out of gas.

  5. To purchase CHEEZ bonds, you will need either DAI, FRAX, or CHEEZ-DAI LP Tokens. DAI and FRAX can be acquired when connected to harmony on, which is also where you can add liquidity to the pool in exchange for CHEEZ-DAI LP Tokens.

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