Game Rules

This section details the game mechanics of Cheese Game's gamified risk protocol.

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Mice are HRC-1155 NFTs. Mice can be minted from our public mint, then staked to receive CHEEZ, an HRC-20 token.

To stake your mice, put them in the rat maze. A mouse can only be removed from the rat maze when it has found two days worth of CHEEZ.

The CHEEZ a mouse earns is left in its personal pile in the rat maze. You have two ways to claim the CHEEZ for yourself.

1) Harvest the CHEEZ directly. However, this costs a 25% bribe on your cheez harvested, which is distributed evenly among the pool of staked cats.

2) Accrue two days of rewards and remove your mouse and its CHEEZ from the rat maze. However, there is a 5% chance of getting caught in a mousetrap while unstaking, which causes you to lose the NFT and accrued rewards. There is also a 45% chance of all the CHEEZ collected being stolen by the pool of cats. If you are unstaking multiple mice, this chance is applied independently to all the mice you unstake in one transaction.


Cats are HRC-1155 NFTs. Cats can be minted from our public mint at a premium relative to the mice, and can then staked to extort cheese found by the mice.

To stake your cats, put them in the rat maze. Cats have no requirements for staking/unstaking, they can be unstaked at any time.

If a mouse owner removes their mice and CHEEZ from the rat maze, they have a 45% chance of losing all their CHEEZ, if this happens, the CHEEZ is evenly distributed among the pool of cats.


Mousetraps are HRC-1155 NFTs. They can be staked to catch mice. When a mouse is unstaked, it has a 5% chance of being caught in a Mousetrap and transferred to a random staked mousetrap owner, selected through Chainlink VRF.

The CHEEZ found by the Mouse is also given to the owner of the Mousetrap. A Mousetrap must be reset after catching a mouse.

Cheese Pass

There was 1000 Cheese Passes offered for mint at 5 cheez each. All users who minted a gen 0 cat or mice NFT have a cheez pass reserved for them for 24 hours, after which it is offered in the public sale. The Cheese Pass can be redeemed at a later date to mint a cow.


Cows are a set of 1000 HRC-721 NFTs. Each cow is unique and generative, with some special cows.

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